January 22, 2021

Here’s the excitement of Motor Touring in the Sea of ​​Bromo Sand

Mount Bromo Tour Package – Bromo in East Java invites no small amount of interest every day. Traveler can touring by motorbike through the sea of ​​sand there. Guaranteed, no less exciting with riding a jeep!

Many people have dreams of coming to Bromo. Many tourism services offer tour packages for all tourists, from the reasonable prices to the expensive ones.

But if you want to reduce costs and enjoy the thrill of the thrill to Bromo, you can try to ride a motorbike from Surabaya. This is my empirical when visiting Bromo on a motorcycle. The limited funds to reach Bromo became the argument that I chose to ride a motorcycle.

From Surabaya, I departed after sunset to head to Cemoro Lawang, which is the entrance door to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park from Probolinggo. The path is Jemursari-Ahmad Yani-Waru-Porong-Gempol-Pasuruan-Probolinggo.

Here is the provincial road where large trucks and buses pass, so you have to be careful and always be vigilant if there are vehicles from behind that go fast.

When crossing the Probolinggo Road, there will be a signpost for the Mount Bromo Tourism. Take the right lane and then go through the village road, until later finally arrive at Cemoro Lawang. Then pay an entrance ticket of Rp 35 thousand per person.

When I arrived at the Bromo area, the time indicated that it was 23:00 WIB. It was like to stay at a cheap homestay or lodging, unfortunately if the night is difficult to get the matter.

Because I didn’t go for cheap accommodations, I just rested at a post where not a few construction workers rested. I was allowed to rest at the post after asking permission from among the construction workers.

At 02.00 I woke up because of the whir of a hardtop car carrying tourists to Pananjakan. Indeed, if you want to see Bromo as a whole, you must point to Pananjakan.

After collecting my life, I got up from sleep, then started the motor and heated it up. Then start the journey to Pananjakan.

The terrain that will be traversed is a sea of ​​sand. Because I came in the dry season, the sand piled up and buried my motorcycle tires. This is the most difficult thing, so often I have to get off the motorcycle and push it.

Besides this, another obstacle is that we have to deal with hardtop cars that go fast, either on the right or left side. Sand field is not a big problem for hardtop cars.

When it almost reached the sea of ​​sand, gasoline in the motor tank also showed that it would run out. Do not want to take the risk of running out of gas in the middle of the road, I was forced to buy gasoline, the price is 2 times the price of gas stations.

But still lucky because there are still those who sell gasoline in the sea of ​​sand. After the sea of ​​sand you will go through the sharpest winding climbs. Because I use automatic, I have to be ready to pick up when I am going to face a climb.

Sometimes my motorbike isn’t strong, so I have to go down and push it. Even worse, the Vbelt motorbike is old. Because he was forced to take place in a sea of ​​sand and climb he was scorched.

The smell of burning rubber stopped in my nose, thus creating me must be realistic to calm my motorcycle first.

Finally after going through these obstacles, I arrived at Pananjakan. Although the sunrise is over, but it does not make this heart disappointed to remain grateful, to be able to witness this beautiful natural landscape of Indonesia.

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